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socialmedia Social Media For Parents - Breaking news; the Internet is not your substitute for Parenting 101! Although the online world is digitally connected and is centered around connecting with people you know, it may not be the place for your little one to roam. Only
movetothemusic Move To The Music - Music... the blood which courses through my veins. It’s amazing how many different genres of music there are; each completely different and appealing to different souls. That’s what music does; it speaks to your soul. It carries you through the
sick When Mommy Needs a Sick Day - “Ah excuse me Sir, I am going to have to take a sick day tomorrow…” This excerpt from the most recent NyQuil advertisement makes me laugh out loud every single time. If only I could look at my children and
bacanal Bacchanal Baby - ‘Can you hear a distant drum bouncing on the laughter of a melody? And does the rhythm tell you “come, come, come, come”? Does your spirit do a dance to this symphony? Does it tell you that your heart is
whatsupdown What’s Up with Down’s Syndrome? - The discovery that you are about to have a child can be both a nerve-wracking and exciting time; as an expectant mother myself I know all too well the concerns. We begin to worry from the moment of conception about
nanny911 Nanny 911 - Many of us live in the Caribbean where we still enjoy the blessing of having the proverbial village participate in raising our children. There is Grandma or Aunty, cousin or friend, and for the very fortunate among us, there are
balance One Balanced Mama - Lisa is living a dream. She said yes to a dream proposal at 30,000 feet in the air, and later walked down the aisle to wed her dream man. Fast-forward a bit to today, where she’s mother to 22-month-old Bobbi
smart Get Smart With It - Smart Eggs are all the rage nowadays, getting their name from the notion that they make us smarter. But how do they make us smarter? Omega-3 eggs are produced by hens fed a special vegetarian diet of plant material, grains
wombtunes Womb Tunes - Who does not like music? For most of us music is a part of our lives. We listen to our favourite soundtrack and sing along word for word as we wait in traffic. We exercise to music and we get
bra time Bra Time - It has been proven that 8 out of 10 women are unknowingly wearing the wrong bra size. Considering that just 5 pounds may change your bra size, it is no wonder that the phenomenon exists. Add to that different sizing